The Blog Revamp 2023

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

2 min read

It's been a while since I wrote something technical. I've been planning an update for my blog for a long time. I wanted to try out the app router, server components, layouts and the other cool stuff in next 13 🙈. So let's keep it short.

What are the updates?

  1. The app router: The blog now uses the app router and RSC(react server components).
  2. New design: I've wanted to update the design of the previous version for a long time. It was classic but had no artistic touch to it. So I went design hunting! Setting up a mood board and having a messy Figma file, yes! After spending some time, I came up with something I liked.
  3. Contentlayer: I started using Contentlayer in my last blog, and since then, I have loved it. Sourcing the local markdown files has never been this easy.
  4. TypeScript: Yes, the entire blog is built using typescript. Which helps write typesafe code and works well in conjunction with Contentlayer
  5. Switching to Vercel analytics: Since Splitbee analytics is now Vercel analytics, it's easy to set up from Vercel's dashboard.
  6. Enhancements to the snippets page: The snippet page now contains selected threads from Twitter. The tweets are just iframe embeds, with the Twitter v2 API being a paid service.

What is left to do?

  1. Codebase optimisation: Obviously! the codebase requires optimisation, getting rid of codes that are repeating, stipping down unused classes and divs etc.
  2. Image delivery optimisation: As you might have noticed, the blog is asset-heavy, and everything is served via Vercel's CDN, which is ok for the time being.
  3. Structured reusable components: The components are folder organised; as the blog grows, the number of components will also increase. Introducing storybooks and writing tests for components will ensure better-quality failsafe components.

Improvements to sitemap!

const siteMap = {
  old: {
    blog: '',
    shareSheet: '',
  new: {
    blog: '',
    shareSheet: '',

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